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Must Use Online Ordering Apps

Restaurant owners these days need to go the extra mile to make it easier for their customers to order food from their restaurants. They do not only focus on the dining segment, but the food delivery system segment also. Food delivery app development is expensive and complicated. Moreover, leading customers to your apps and websites is not an easy task. So, when you’re available on different food ordering apps, it will become easier for your customers to order their favorite delicacies from your restaurant without you spending a lot of money on software development

The question is, which online ordering apps should you collaborate with?

Choosing the direction

We will help you out with that today. We will share with you six online ordering system software that your customers will love. It is time to syndicate your business with those apps so that you can reach out to more customers and increase the number of delivery orders.

  1. Just Eat:

When you are looking for online ordering apps with which you should sign up, Just Eat should be on the top of your list. The app has gained a lot of patrons in the UK and other countries in which it operates. It is the app of choice for many customers in the United Kingdom. Also, its growth rate is pretty brisk, which means that you will be able to scale up your restaurant business efficiently with the help of this app.

Just Eat Online Ordering app

Just Eat is headquartered in London making the UK footprint of this app one of the largest. There system’s simple navigation means that your patrons will be able to order food from your restaurant quite easily. It offers the choice for you to personally pickup your orders as well. The versatility of this app and significant market share, which it has gained in the UK, makes it an online ordering app that you should get on.


  • Operates in over 13 countries
  • Simple navigation
  • Secure payment gateway
  • Easy to use for restaurateurs
  1. Food Hub:

Food Hub is a customer ordering app that is famous among patrons in the UK for the wide variety of cuisines they have on offer. As a restaurant owner, you can tap into its wide audience to get new customers. It does not matter whether you have a restaurant selling native food or Indian cuisine; you can expand your business quite efficiently with the app’s offering of diverse choices of food.

FoodHub online ordering apps

Also, it does not charge any commission from the restaurant. It also facilitates takeaway as well as delivery orders, which means that customers have complete freedom to choose how they want to order.

Credit Cards

It offers various payment modes to your customers like cash on delivery, credit card, debit card, or collections. It offers a progress tracker for the meal as well which means that customers will be well aware of the current status of their orders. Thus, if you’re looking for an online ordering app that is highly convenient for your customers, this is the one on which you should sign up.


  • Easy to use
  • No service charge
  • Various payment methods
  • Suitable for almost any restaurant
  1. Deliveroo:

Deliveroo is arguably the market leader when it comes to online food ordering websites apps in the UK. It has almost every popular restaurant in most major cities in the UK listed. The best thing about this online ordering app is that it allows your customers to filter down the restaurant by the cuisine or category. It also allows them to view and order the most popular offerings by the restaurant.

Deliveroo Online ordering app

This is another app that offers real-time updates on the order. It also sends notifications to the consumers regarding the current status of their orders. A unique offering of this app is that it allows the customers to schedule their orders as well. This will enable them to order without having to be online always. In addition to that, it offers multiple payment methods and an easy ordering facility from the previous orders. The reason why you cannot avoid this app as a restaurant owner is the ease of ordering which it provides. When you couple with that the real-time status updates, there is no reason why your customer wouldn’t love this app.


  • Real-time updates
  • Easy ordering mechanism
  • Allows your customer to view the popular meals in your restaurant
  1. Uber Eats:

Uber Eats is a hyper-local food delivery app in the UK. It is expanding at a rapid pace. If you’re looking to list your restaurant on online food ordering apps, you shouldn’t miss out on this one. It allows the customers to find the restaurants by:

  • Diet
  • Meal
  • Cuisine
  • Dish
Uber Eats Online Ordering apps

Using this, your customers can find your restaurant quite easily. Moreover, the interface is programmed such that with a minimal number of taps, the customers can order food from your restaurant.

Uber Eats Delivering food

Similar to other aggregating apps, it allows the users to track their meals. That is why the customers will know right away when their meal will get delivered. It has a secure payment gateway through which the customers can pay through Uber cash or credit card. Currently, it is running quite a lot of promotions to attract new customers. When you sign up on it, you will not only be able to reach out to your loyal customers but newer ones as well, which means that you can expand the number of patrons of your restaurant using this app.


  • Completely secure payment gateway
  • Clutter-free interface
  • Real-time tracking
  1. Zomato:

Zomato is a global online ordering app that started in India. Since then, it has expanded to a lot of different countries, including the UK. The app is well known for its fast and easy to use navigation.

Zomato Online Ordering Apps

The customers love Zomato because it has a modern interface, which allows the user to operate it in a straightforward fashion. In addition to that, it allows your customers to leave reviews regarding the food that they have ordered. As a restaurant owner, once you get enough reviews, the traction of getting customers, which you will get on the app is enormous. It will allow you to scale up the delivery and takeaway orders rapidly once you get those reviews.

Moreover, with the help of accurate pricing and customer reviews, your usual customers can make more informed decisions regarding the best delicacies offered by your restaurant. So, it will be easier for them to order from your restaurant. It is an app which you should not miss out on when entering the online ordering space.


  • Modern interface
  • Allows customers to review your food
  1. Talabat:

Talabat is one of the oldest online ordering apps in the UK. There is a large number of restaurants listed on this app. The number of customers downloading and using this app consistently is increasing as well. Due to this very reason, if you do not sign up on this app, you will be missing out on additional patrons.

Talabat Online Ordering Apps

During the initial few years, the app focused on signing up cafes and fast-food restaurants on its platform. However, recently it has been diversifying as well. So, you will be able to find targeted patrons on this platform. It allows customers to order takeaways as well, which means that they have complete freedom on the type of order which they want to place. Considering its rich history and loyal patrons, you shouldn’t skip out on listing your restaurant on this platform.


  • One of the oldest online food ordering apps in the UK
  • Provides takeaway option
  • Diversified set of customers

After going through the entire list, you might be thinking, is it essential to list your restaurant on so many online food ordering apps?

The answer is yes. The reasons are the following:

  • The audience demographics for each of these apps do not necessarily overlap. It means that when signing up on all of them, you can reach out to the widest possible audience.
  • Managing all these apps is not a difficult task. You can do so with a tablet or your smartphone.
  • When you’re reliant on multiple food ordering apps rather than a single one, your business is more diversified and secure.
  • Moreover, the more options you provide to your customers to order from your restaurant, the better it is. It will ensure that your customers find it very convenient to order takeaways or delivery from your restaurant.
  • Online ordering apps are growing at a brisk pace. The more you’re involved in this segment, the faster you can grow your restaurant.

The boarding process of most of these apps is relatively simple. Also, the verification process is quick, as well. Therefore, you have no reason why you shouldn’t list your restaurant on these online ordering apps.

So, if you want to make it convenient for your customers to order online from your restaurant, these are the apps on which you should sign up. You can expect not only business from your loyal patrons but also you can reach out to new customers as well, which will allow you to get more online customers for your restaurant.

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