Takeaway Promotions: A Guide to Takeaway Success

Improving Your Takeaway Marketing

Congratulations. You’ve just acquired that posh, swanky takeout joint that you’ve been eyeing for months on end. You feel happy that you’re the new owner, and frankly, you should feel good about it. Just when you’re basking in the light of your new-found glory, it suddenly hits you in the gut, like a truck out of nowhere, Bam! Your joint needs a constant flow of cash. How much does a takeaway make? What do you need to do to bring in customers continually? How to promote your takeaway business?

In a business characterised by cut-throat competition, scaling up profits is no easy feat. Your restaurant marketing action plan should be on point. You know you need fun ideas to keep them rolling in for more and maintaining your old clients. You must maintain and keep them coming since they are the brick and mortar of your business. The problem with most businesses in this line is that they limit themselves to traditional marketing principles such as the big bright sign at the main entrance and the occasional direct marketing campaigns.

So, if you run or own a takeaway joint and need some fun restaurant promotion ideas to up the ante, you’re in the right place. Delve into the deep with us as we outline some of the strategies that will keep them coming back.

SMS Text Message Takeaway Marketing

Assuming that the business or promotional strategy applied by the previous owner was right, you could use it to your advantage by employing SMS marketing. Restaurant promotion messages helps you communicate with your customers about upcoming deals and current restaurant promotions. Compared to its cost, it’s the easiest and effective form of marketing and is sure to increase traffic to your joint.

SMS takeaway marketing

Printed Takeaway Promotions

There’s a certain appeal towards printed media that elicits a reaction in consumers, mainly if the subject matter looks appealing. Giving out creative restaurant promotions such as fliers and banners, if done appropriately, works to improve the takeout’s brand, and this will slowly gain you loyal and regular customers. It’s all about the visuals.

Making Use of Social Media Space

Keep in mind that the highest population falls under the category of the millennials to the Genzers (Generation Z). It only makes sense that your business gets acquainted with such lingo as tagging, follow, snap, pin, blog, and tweet. Taking care of your social media presence places you ahead of your competitors. In as much as it would be tempting to look at the cost implication of employing a social media account manager to handle its online presence, rest assured that such efforts finally pay off massively in the end.

Takeaway Marketing via Social Media in Phone

Search Engine Optimization

Apart from rooting for a robust online presence, making sure that the business has a strong Google ranking will work in your favour. The take away joint needs to come among the first options that potential customers stumble upon when conducting their search. Such takeaway promotions ensure consumer confidence and easy online accessibility.

Using High-Quality Suppliers

The current cohorts of consumers are consciously getting aware of healthier eating habits and demand the same. More and more outlets have a variety of healthier product offerings incorporated in their menu to cater for various lifestyles. It’s no longer about high-calorie diets and fatty foods anymore. Salads are finding their way to the fast-food tables, and it only pays if such joints could get fresh and constant supplies from dependable suppliers.

A case in point is the behemoth outlet, McDonald’s. Known for its high-laden calorific diets, it made a surprising turn by including healthier options in their offerings managing to come out of a business slump In 2014. They still maintain their old menu but characterised by healthier pickings such as wraps, salads, and fruits. The diet change can act as a promotional tool for a takeaway hence boosting sales.

Concentrating on Product Details

By being among the players in the service industry, it would be prudent to highlight the quality of service by capturing the professionalism of your staff coupled with the high technological advancements, all aimed at producing high quality and dependable products. Such promotional methods get achieved by taking high-quality shots of your staff while in action to come up with a superior product.

A case in point is the famous Java outlets. They use short promotional videos portraying highly trained staff and quality equipment coupled with superior raw bean products to give you that high-quality cup of mocha.

Pricing, Special Offers, and Promotions

In a competitive market, it’s essential to price your products according to the quality offered. It’s also necessary to adhere to the limits within which they are willing to pay.

By providing creative restaurant specials, one can gauge customer’s loyalty to other brands. Special offers can also convert unsure customers to fully-fledged ones. By using unique restaurant promotion ideas, an entity will measure itself against competitors when it comes to brand loyalty.

Takeaway Promotion

Takeouts should also use promotion models, and jargon such as the common buy one get one free, free delivery, and limited discount periods, among many others.

Superior Customer Service

Making your customers the number one priority should be one of the unwritten rules when it comes to the application of a promotional strategy. Ensuring a pain-free and seamless experience in your fast food outlet will work to your advantage leading to the much-desired customer turnover.

Man Holding a Pizza

Strategic alliances

Most fast food outlets will join forces with existing food apps in the market to further their business goals. Such forms of takeaway marketing are rapidly gaining fame as most people tend to order online. Furthermore, such apps also come with promotional features such as loyalty points and promotional discounts. Such apps include Uber eats, Belly, Just Eat, and Glovo.

Combining forces with other small businesses such as a coffee shop or a brew-bistro bar can work wonders by channeling traffic to the establishment.

Building Your Branded App

Better yet, you can still craft your own branded app that stands out from the rest. Using unique colour schemes and attractive logos can work to the advantage of your takeaway joint, promoting it to a level of its own.

Applications on a phone

To Making your own Takeaway Promotions

Takeaway promotions have morphed over the years from the conventional face to face marketing. The new frontiers and battle lines now exist in the online digital world where competition is rife and merciless. For takeouts to survive, they need to look past the old offline marketing ideas for restaurants, and change their promotional strategies and be abreast with the ever-changing technologies.

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